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Visual Ensemble

The Ronald Reagan Visual Ensemble is composed of members of the Reagan Color Guard and Reagan Band Dance.  These students are a part of the nationally recognized Reagan High School Marching Band and travel with the band to all competitions and performances.

The Visual Ensemble is THE most amazing, eye-popping, energetic visual representation of the marching band. Through the masterfully exciting incorporation of dance, flag, rifle, and sabre , they literally “bring to life” the music you hear. When it all comes together (the music, the dance, the colorful additions) it can tell quite a story…

Color Guard

The Ronald Reagan High School Marching Band would not be complete without its nationally recognized 60+ member Color Guard.  Students who are members of the Reagan Color Guard come into the organization with little to no experience and leave knowing how to manipulate various equipment including flag, rifle, and sabre, as well as, how to perform high-level choreography. 

Students enjoy performing all over the state at various competitions with the marching band including Bands of America Regionals and Super Regionals and UIL State Marching Contest.  Students in the color guard program also travel with the band to Bands of America Grand Nationals in Indianapolis, IN and various parade performances including the Rose Parade (2018), Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (2019), and Disney World’s Magic Kingdom Parade (2023).

How to Join

Sign up for Flags/Color Guard on your course selection card in the Spring semester prior to attending Reagan High School in the Fall.  No experience is required!  The staff will teach you everything you need to be successful.  Be on the lookout for program information from the Reagan Guard Directors regarding Spring and Summer training, which usually takes the form of 6 weeks of camp during the summer to prepare and begin learning before the school year starts.  Follow @reaganguard on Instagram!  Reach out to if you have questions.