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Ronald Reagan High School Band Parents Association

Our Mission

The Ronald Reagan High School Band Parents Association (RRHS BPA) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization comprised of Band Directors and parent volunteers dedicated to the promotion of the nationally recognized and award winning Ronald Reagan High School Band.  The RRHS BPA assists in funding the education, performances, and activities of the Reagan High School Band as well as supporting special events, band clinics, and community outreach.

About Us

The RRHS Band Parents Association is a volunteer organization. Thank you to all the parents that support the band! Without the tireless work of the Band Parents Association, the Reagan band would have a difficult time operating at the highest level. Our support enables the directors and staff to spend as much time working with our children as possible. The Executive Board and Committee Chairs are volunteers just like you who would love to help you find a way to support the band and our children.


Some of the key groups that support us are listed below

Band Banquet
End of year Banquet
Casino Night
Can you beat the house?
Ensure that our band members are kept safe at all times.
Cooks and serves the food in the concession stands during game days.
Ensures that the instruments, props and pit appear on the field at the right time!
Looks after everyone
Ensures the Band have meals during competitions and on game days
Sells the items to share your love for Reagan Band, Guard and the Reagan Rattlers
Takes the pictures that keep our memories alive forever!
Encourages everyone to share their love for Reagan Band
Organizes Marching and Concert uniform distribution
Hydration is important!