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The Ronald Reagan High School (RRHS) Band Alumni and Parents Scholarship (BAPS) Foundation is a registered non-profit organization that provides scholarships and grants to current and former members of the RRHS Marching Band. We aim to award a minimum of a single $1,000 annual scholarship and to also provide available grant money at the request of the Band Director.

Only alumni of the RRHS Marching Band and their parents may be members of the BAPS Foundation. For purposes of this organization, an RRHS Marching Band alumnus is defined as a student who served a minimum of one full year in the RRHS Marching Band, Color Guard, or some other Marching Band performance role recognized by the Band Director (e.g, Band Dance, singer, etc.). In order to be a member of the Foundation, a parent must not have another child currently participating in the RRHS Marching Band (NOTE: The purpose of this provision is to avoid any interference, overlap, or potential conflict of interest with the RRHS Band Parents Association). There is no monetary requirement to be a member of the Foundation.